New Years Drinks

drinks for new years eve
twin liquors have some ideas. ideas.kate weidaw checked it out – new today. today. 3 “happy new year!”when counting down to ring in the new year – lots of partiers like to inhave cocktail in hand. hand.”what mixologists are doing these days is they really have a focus on finer quality liqueurs, fresh juices and really high quality ingredients,” said sandra spalding, community events manager with twin liquors.and if you’re looking for something fun to make or impress your guests – sandra spalding with twin liquors has a few ideas, like the pineapple sage tequila shot.”i use don julio tequila which is 3 really delicious,” said spalding.add fresh pineapple juice and muddle some sage leaves.”basically what you’re doing when you’re muddling them is breaking up the oils so you get them nice and released,” said spalding. finish off with a splash of orange liqueur and pour. if you’re into martin



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