New Year New You

New Year New You
>>> well, many of us see the new year as an opportunity to make over our lives, even in the smallest ways. that could include a new look. today we are getting tips from one of hollywood’s masters of yes invention. make up artist michelle lima welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> so any easy ways to reinvent our lives in 2011. >> this time of year people are always making new year’s resolutions. i say make lifestyle resolutions instead. if you want to change your hair, make up, wardrobe. take leads from celebrities like miley cyrus, taylor swift and certainly the masters of reinvention. if you are a celebrity or not women are always looking for ways to turn back the clock when it comes to their skin. i recently discovered this new night time moisturer that i love and gently resurfaces the skin and gives a light chemical peel in seven days. new regenerous e lickser from olayt. works wit



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