New Seasons Market Holds Job Fair To Fill 170 Positions

The supermarket chain held a job fair in Vancouver Thursday.
>>> here’s something that doesn’t happen very often. a local business needs to hire 170 people. new season’s market is hosting a job fair to do exactly that. those jobs are the chain’s newest store which is in landing. araksya karapetyan shows us around. >> people have been out here all day doing what they can to secure a place in line. you know what the thing is every person out here has a story. some of them without a job for months. others have been without a job for years. but one thing they have in common is their excitement for an opportunity like this with new season’s at it’s new fisher landing store. the thing is if you are out there looking for a job or know someone who is, then you know it’s really tough out there. at times looking for a job is a full-time job. >> it’s lean. very lean. i rent a room from son and his wife who both work. and we pulled together. >> it’s a little



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