New Mexicans Enjoy Super Bowl With Pizza

NEWS FOUR. WE ALSO SPENT SOME TIME TODAY AT A ONE PIZZA RESTAURANT — TO SEE HOW IT WAS FARING DURING THESE TOUGH TIMES. MANAGERS TELL US PIZZA IS A CHEAP WAY TO ENJOY THE SUPER BOWL WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK… A LOT OF NEW MEXICANS APPARENTLY AGREE. VALERIE CASTRO CONTINUES OUR TEAM COVERAGE. ‘Ok so we have a large limited topping pizza with half green chile, half sausage…’ SUPERBOWL SUNDAY MEANS GAME TIME FOR DELIVERY RESTAURANTS LIKE PAPA JOHNS, FEEDING THE MASSES WHO ARE WORKING UP AN APPETITE WATCHING THEIR FAVORITE TEAMS GO HEAD TO HEAD. ‘Ten minutes on that delivery.’ ROBERT KIMSEY, THE DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS FOR THE ALBUQUERQUE METRO AREA SAYS DELIVERY FOODS LIKE PIZZA AND HOT WINGS ARE THE CHEAP WAY TO GO DURING AN ECONOMIC SLUMP — ‘We anticipate being up 15 or 20 percent in the market just based on what the trend is, even yesterday we were up from last year.’ DELIVERY DRIVERS CAN EXPECT TO EARN BETWEEN 75 AND 100 DOLLARS MORE IN TIPS SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, THAN ON A NORMAL DAY. ‘On a day like today you know it’s going to be busy you know you’re going to get to make some money, see some guests you haven’t seen for a while.”Don’t you love it? It’s so much fun…laughs.’ TODAY IS THE BUSIEST DAY OF THE YEAR FOR FOOD DELIVERY AND TAKEOUT– ‘And this is the 28 pizza order.’ AND KIMSEY SAYS IT JUST MAKES FINANCIAL SENSE. ‘Number one: the convenience. Number two: as opposed to maybe dining out a budget is a little tighter this year, you still want to have fun and enjoy the hoopla whether your team is playing or not.’ PAPA JOHNS EXPECTS TO SELL MORE THAN 7-



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