New Haven Restaurant Week

Pacifico cooks in the Connecticut Style kitchen as part of the New Haven Restaurant Week.
coming up this month is taking the event to ta whole new level. here to fill us in from new haven’s pacifico, chef rafael palominop. thank you very m uch for being here. >> thank you for having me. it is a great week, 29 restaurants, intestrnationally, japanese, spanpaish, french, american. it is like being s in new york city or l.a.ci >> it is such a great event.. great deals, great prices. >> recession proof, we have a line for 16.38. >> the year that new haven was founded. that is lunch. and dinner? >> $29. >> and four new restaurants taking par t from the lastl restaurant week. participation is up 70% ufrom the first time we did it. >> you have to maket your reservation. >> are you already seeing reserv ations pouring in. >> yes, starts saturday novemberand ends friday the 13th. >> is this one thing you will be offering. >> a seafood paella. >> what is the key to makting good paella.



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