New Haven Food And Wine Festival

The New Haven Food and Wine Festival at the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament.
august 26 and one fantastic restaurant taking place, the union cafe.. they’re here along with the pilot pen marketing analyst, that is a i mouthful.l. the flavor of chef jon pierre p and we’r e making peach parfait. . >> fresh peach parfait. . we always try it use freshf ingredients and that is in season so what is better than peach right now. >> you will be serving this up at the food and wine festivalso people will be able to sample this. >> tw o dishes, a braised vealed cheek wi th vegetabvles and the peach parfait. >> i could listen to you talk all day. >> i thoug ht you were prefer p sweet so i brsoought the peach parfait. >> you know me too wel. >> it is like a raspberry jelly two tablespoon sug tar for maybe a pound of fred shs raspberries. cream chese, sugar, freshf peach and then the toppitng, depending on your preference. >> almond cookies? >> yes, almond cokies and caramelized



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