New Haven Firefighters Make Mancotti

The New Haven Firefighters come to Connecticut Style and discuss the Chiefs Cup hockey Game.
equipment, turn your kitchen into a chef’s kitchen. >> they may be known for their bravery and heroism but that doesn’t mean fire fires can’t heat things up in the kitchen. >> and here to prove it, two nave firefighters. thank you so much for being here today. tell us about what we’re making. >> home made manicotti, crepes. >> monday manicotti. >> let’s talk about this. you’re doing the crepes. >> yes, a crepes is nothing a little bit of water and flour, and you hit the pan with a little bit of spray. >> it is really as simple as that? >> that is what it is. >> what is the key to make sure they don’t fall apart. >> nonstick pan. >> he is chuckling, you now more than i do. >> when you flip it – >> be careful not to burn. it with pancakes when it bubbles up you know to flip it. is it similar in. >> the look. >> that doesn’t look like it is ready yet. >> no. >> all right, now what do we hav



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