New GDW Coffee Blend

Good Day Wisconsin has a new coffee blend from Door County Coffee & Tea!
we have the taste of door county coffee to put a spring in our step.and this past s amy, unborn baby zoe and i headed up to door county to develop our +own+ special blend of coffee! we all lined up to taste test raw coffee grounds — which are quite powerful. we slurpped in the flavor.. let it rest on our tongues.. then spit it out. it’s all part of a process called “cupping.” in the end, we wound up with a delicious coffee blend made up of costa rican, guatemalan, and sumantran beans. we already love the good day wisconsin blend of coffee from door county coffee and tea. now, we get to enjoy a +new+ ( “good day” blend, just in time for the holidays! it’s called “good day wisconsin christmas cookie.” angela kelly paid a visit to door county coffee and tea, to try it out. < sorry, no text available.



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