New Flavors For Hudsonville Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream — and the new Hudsonville flavors.
to do staying in town. >> hudsonville ice cream investing thousands ch dollars into the city as they roll out the nut product ne. they have 7 new flavors. they are unveil it go for us. bruce pratt in hudsonville. you have packaging and a lot of other things going on there. > you have put in a lot of money. not going anywhere? >> we are committed to west michigan. we see it as a great advantage for us to sty in west michigan. we have been here 83 years and plan to be here for many years to go. >> to continue that when other companies are forced to leave and experiencing so many issues it’s important to see a familiar face that stays in west michigan. >> the whole state of michigan as well as west michigan has supporteds for so long. we think it’s a great place to make our home. >> you have a whole new look here. you have them in bricks before. what is this? >> it’s a scroun. we have added



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