New Beef Cuts

New beef cuts are finding their way onto many menus and plates across the nation. Ag. Reporter Sarah Gustin introduces us to one new taste entering the market. From the sizzle on the griddle…. To the melt in your mouth taste. The Denver Cut is entering the market and competing for a place on your plate. (Paul Berg / Animal Scientist) “So it is a very flavorful cut and at this point, consumers are rating this chuck eye almost indentically to a ribeye in terms of tenderness, juciness overall like. Animal Scientist Paul Berg is working to discover how the cut compares to more common steaks such as the ribeye, top sirloin and bottom round flat. Berg is surveying 500 consumers. Today taste testers in Flasher are rating each sample according to tenderness, juiceness, flavor and overall like. (Paul Berg / Animal Scientist) “They are telling us that the bottom round is the toughest it’s a muscle of locomotion which means that every time an animal moves he uses it.” (Keely Fucus / Taste Tester) “I really liked number one because that had the most flavor to me, plus it was really juicy so that is the one that I picked.” 5:40 (Keely Fucus / Taste Tester) “Number 4 I thought was really dry so I really didn’t care for that one.” The Denver is also adding value to the carcass. The cut comes from an area known as the chuck…cut from right below the shoulder blade. Historically this area is used for roasts and ground beef. (Paul Berg / Animal Scientist) “What companies are doing now is seperating it into the chuck eye and that is where we get the new denver cut and the bonelss short ribs.” Berg says typically about 3 denver steaks can be cut per carcass. He says the new cuts being discovered are increasing the value of the carcass by about 70 dollars. In Flasher for KX News, I am Sarah Gustin. The study isn’t over, but Berg says so far taste testers are ranking the Denver and Ribeye very close in the overall like category. In case you are wondering number 1 was the bottom round and number 4 was the ribeye. Berg says he hasn’t seen a Denver cut on a menu yet, but he does expect it will become more common in the near future.



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