Nellie Green’s Steamed Mussels

Nellie Green’s steamed mussels with white garlic cream sauce
us how it’s done. d how are you? >> i’m great. >> this is those things i said earlier in the show, i love ordering muscles when i gogo out, but muscles at home, i’m, always a little hesitant to try making it. >> you don’t know if you will do it right. >> i will show you how to do it o right, hopefully. >> you’re the pro, we trust you. >> it is always more fmun in the restaurant because you don’tec have to c leanup after nne well’ cleanup, — we’ll cleanup, or get someone to cleanup. >> putt extra virgin olive oil in the pan. salt and pepper. and then we’re just going to dump the muscles right in here. >> just right away. >> just right away. i had it heating up. >> nice and hot. >> we want to make sure we finish this dish.is >> let’s back up, you’re in the storm, how do youm, know what’s a good muscle, how do you know they’re fresh? what do you? >> get them closed. shellfish that opshens



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