Nellie Green’s Restaurant

Lobster Pappardelle
>> smells so good. >>> nellie green’s restaurant in branford is referred to simple and casual. >> the food is both beautiful and delicious. hi, guys, how are you. >> steve, nice to seeic you, you brought the big guy withit you, huh? >> sure did. >> i understand, there’s a bit of a story behind nellie green’ s. can you bring me up to speed on o that? >> nellie was an interesting woman born in the late 1870s 1 and she became known as a rum runn er. >> a rum runner? >> a boot lager. >> what period of time? >> prohibition. and when it was repeale d, she went legit and opened up a restaurant on we moved her over to branford river and reliving her legend. >> it was a little questionable. >> a little.i >> a speak easy? >> she did run a speak easy prior to going legit. >> why did they use that term? >> the term speak easy came from back in the day when it wasn’t legal to order a drink.. the bart



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