Neil Fuentes Is In The Kitchen

The Sensational Singing Chef is back in the CT Style kitchen.
>> some days it just doesn’t get to be much more fun than this. we’re having lots of fun in the kitchen today.. i’m back with sensaonal singing chef neil fuentes. how are you? >> it is good to see you again. >> every time they telel me you’re going to be here, i never know what you will wear, the outfit, the red belt, tie, hat who dresses yodru? >> i get up in the morning and i say what is the day like today, what am i whgoing to do today, depends on that what i’ming about to beto wearing. >> you have a little bit of an italian flair today. >> i don’t know, a hip dancer. latino dancer, rickey ricardo type of things. >> lucy! >> are you a pizza lover? >> i’m crazy for piza but i’m not supposed to have tit as often as i like. >> how can you not be a piza lover in new haven with the best pizza in the country. >> every corner. >> exactly. howeve r, when you eat so much pizza, you know what h



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