Neil Fuentes Is Back

The Sensational Singing Chef Neil Fuentes is back in the Connecticut Style kitchen making your Thanksgiving meal is wonderful.
>>> having a thanksgiving feast with style today. who better to get us in the party mood than our next guest, neil fuentes, sensational singing chef. >> hello everyone. >> we started out with the filet mignon. let’s remind everyone what you did. >> grab the tenderloin, garlic, salt, pepper, and you put it in a cookie sheet in the oven, 450 degrees, 20 minutes for medium rare to rare steak. the most important part, it is going to be really hot. red wine, garlic, a little butter, salt and pepper, and you create a sauce. >> we will have the recipe on our web site. don’t worry about it. >> so, thanksgiving, last year we made turkey. this year why don’t we do something different. >> and you like it rare. >> essentially look at this. perfect medium rare. >> medium rare. so tender. >> my mouth is already watering. i did a great dinner feast for you guys. >> yes, you did. wait until we move over



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