Need A Gift For The Chef In Your Life?

If you are in need of a few presents for a special someone who likes to cook, you are in luck! Kathy Boelter of Boelter SuperStore gives us a few of her gift ideas that are sure to fit all budgets. You will have no problem finding out how you can save on restaurant-quality dining and cookware for the holidays.
well, maybe you needed to come up with the right tips. >>> kathy belcher is back from the belcher superstore for great ideas for cooks, family and sports fans. >> hi, kathy. >> welcome back. you brought the whole store today? >> i did. [laughter] >> i bet it felt like it when you were hauling everything in here. talk about a lot of the things that you brought. one of the things — my mom keeps watching the show and says wednesday are you going to take me to — when are you going to take me to the belcher superstore. we always talk about where it is, but the great thing open to the public. everybody needs to check it out. what kind of fun things are they going to find? >> this weekend with the badgers and packers winning, what better gift than to give the badger and the green bay packer. >> i love it. >> the logos. that is so cool. >> i didn’t realize that you were a licensed distributor



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