Nebraska Pork Producers

Jane with the Nebraska Pork Producers is here with free State Fair Recipe Cookbooks!
website. over to you. >> thank you very much you. talented family. >> it is the perfect time of year to whip up something warm and delicious whether it is a family gathering. >> or tailgate party. >> and you may want to put pork on the menu. welcome back jane reeson. >> thank you. welcome back. >> i said that i made that tender loin. >> yes. you were just at the nebraska state fair. how did that go? >> oh, my goodness like wow. >> still spinning? >> 1 owe,000 people out there and the crowds were just amazing. >> how is the new location? >> fantastic and kud. >> s to the school board and if you could get what is great this year they have things that did not get moneyed and things that did not get done and everything from a to z was fantastic. >> did you get a booth out there >> wow. what is the story with the cookbook? >> and explain the cookbook? and it is five ingredients that is it and



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