Nearly Famous Deli – 8/21/17

Nearly Famous Deli – 8/21/17
? >> hey, welcome back to the show. giggling from nearly famous. >> she knows how to have fun. >> how are you doing? >> i’m good. >> do you notice everybody has to pick this up to see if it works. everybody does that. >> yes, it’s like a lobster. >> everybody does that. yeah, what is happening to nearly famous. >> everything. everything. cooking up some good food. >> that’s what we do. >> that’s not new, though. you have been doing that for quite a while. >> once or twice. have you added anything on your menu? >> we have got some fun pork loin specials we have been doing at night. fabulous. really good. some light and healthy things. grilled vegetables and rice. switching it up for summer time. >> you have variety. >> you do. it’s a good old egg sandwich. quiche is good. >> comfort food. i have to admit that. we were talking about the mashed potato thing. tonight is meat loaf and mashed



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