ND Branded Beef Looking To Expand

The plant may be closingbut the store is looking at expanding. Reporter Sarah Gustin informs us of one local business undergoing some changes. (Juanita Braun / ND Beef) We started with the dream of North Dakota Branded Beef and the retail store and our goal was to provide North Dakota beef that was born, raised and processed here, to the people of North Dakota. And have no fear…the retail store will still be here…offering all North Dakota meat…just like before. But their Harvey slaughter plant…is closing its doors. (Juanita Braun / ND Beef) At the time when we started the store there was no other plant that could what we needed to do. That could do the slaughter, and the packaging and the further processing. And now there is other places, and we have found and figured out a way it is not going to be as easy,but I think it will be less financially painful to have them process at other places. Braun’s purchased the Harvey plant in 2006….just a few weeks after they opened their Bismarck store doors. The plant employed 22 workers for two years. But as a business decision…Braun says it needs to close down. (Juanita Braun / ND Beef) And Alvin and I faced that decision up in Harvey, either we are too big to go local there, or we were too small to compete nationally. And we just didn’t have the experience or the backing to set up national meat distribution out of the Harvey plant. But don’t worry North Dakota Branded Beef won’t be needing to change their name. Braun says now the beef will be slaughtered at a plant in New Rockford and further processing with happen at the soon-to-open Beef Systems Center of Excellence in Fargo. And all Pork and specialty meats processing will be happening at Myers Meats in Parshall. (Juanita Braun / ND Beef) I am very excited because I was in tears, I just didn’t want to close the store in Bismarck, and so when we were able to make arrangements to do the processing in other places, then we can keep it open and keep true to our words…born, raised and processed in North Dakota. In Bismarck Reporting for KX News, I am Sarah Gustin. Braun says now they’re looking at expanding their Bismarck store. She says they would like to offer cooking classes and recipe exchanges. And she says the store might possibly be moving to a more centralized Bismarck location.



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