Nature’s Garden

Nature’s Garden of Naplesnn(239) 643-4959
Welcome back natures gardens, this is all dedicated to the wellness of you. That’s where john bolas comes from, good morning.nnGood morning.nnGlad to have you on “the morning blend.”nnThank you.nnYou are always a bright ray of sunshine. Talk about rays of sunshine, let’s go into nature’s garden. Take us as if we are walking through the front door where you go all the time. What do we se, what do we feel, what do we smell and experience?nnYou said i go there all the time. I love the store, bil. It is probably, if not the very oldest continually operating health food store in the state of florida, certainly one of the oldest. It is located in the naples plaza right on route 41 just north of the coastland mall.nnIf you take the golden gate exit you go smack dab through the front door.nnRuns right into nature east garden.nnAnd what do we find in the garden?nnYou will find a cafe that is all



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