Natural Sports Drinks

Natural Sports Drinks
>> well, it’s not dengs like a smoothie and not packed with perservatives like so many of those protein powders out there. today we are so excited to be making natural sports drinks. >> that’s right. >> so exciting. we have raw chef wendy joining us. thank you for coming. good to have you. >> thank you for having me. >> so are we drinking these before, during or after we’re working out? >> all three, actually. >> okay. >> if you get– see that sign you can go ahead and take some with you. but after is really an porn thing too. it actually contains a lot of potassium in there an potassium is really high in bananas, you know, 422 grams of potassium, it goes through and helps with the suponificaion process which takes the fat and acids out of the muscle. so it is really a great way for you to get a really fast recovery. >> i love that. >> so after you are working out. and this is obviously



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