Natural Aphrodisiacs

Natural aphrodisiacs
help moms to be get in the mood. >> i always thought these were old wives tales, but it’s true. >> it originated in ancient times, and it was when people were very malnourished. it wasn’t as easy to get food then, so their libidos would go down. >> that’s interesting. >> that’s kind of where this all came from when it is tied into food. >> i did not thing this could be andes yak, so this is kind of cool. >> talking about shape and texture. obviously it does mic a female genitalia, so you could probably get into your mind when it’s juicy and flowing out, something that’s very seductive to eat in front of your partner. it does include poe t potassium which does release sex hormones. vitamin-wise, that is what is contained within the fig. >> eat your figs. strawberries? >> strawberries are, i think, a rather obvious one. they’re known as the edible valentine. >> this is fun. >> they’re hear



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