Native Lobster With Potato Hash

In the kitchen we’re cooking Native Lobster-Potato Hash, Chive Crème Fraiche, Farm Fresh Eggs with Chef Jonathan Cambra of Newport Restaurant Group.
let’s go this to the kitchen, vince is cooking up lobster. >> yes we are, with jonathanon cambra fromm the newport trestaurant group. >> happy holiday, merry christmas to you and we are a making lobster. >> yes. >> what kind of w lobster. >> we’re going to make a lobster hash. >> i never heard of that. o >> gentleman something perfectfe for a new year’s dayay brunch, it’s a mixture of fresh maine lobster, sautee of onions, cooked potatoes, chives, lemon juice, you sautee all of thatha together, cool it down, fold in a little bit of cream fresh. >> i’m out, what is i cmeme fraiche? >> it’s similar to sour cream. it’s a cultured cream. it’s got a little bit of less acidity than lemon juice does. >> can you get it in the supermarket? >> >> you can get it in i the supermarket andke also use a sour cream in the creme fraiche is not available. >> there were go. ok. that’s what it’s going to lo



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