National Pizza Party Day

National Pizza Party Day
we hope you give this new twist on potato salad a try. >> for more recipes and resources, visit festfoods.com. >> millaine: that sounds delicious. tonight we are having pizza. >> lisa: national pizza party day. festival foods has everything you need to build your own or take and bake. our friend amy is here to help us think outside the box. millaine has had one-piece. i’m working on my first. >> we are all exhausted from the week. this is a to 10 minutes in the oven and you are done and ready-to-eat. these are all of our gluten friendly options. >> lisa: we just pick these up in the deli? >> guest: yep. they feel fresh. i had them in my fridge overnight. get home and pop them in the oven. they are not frozen. we have plenty of frozen options. our bakery does have another pizza option. for those of us that have kids at home and we need entertainment before we have dinner you can use our p



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