National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

What kid didn’t grow up loving a PB&J sandwich?
All right. Today we are getting a little sticky.nnI hear the music already. You can call it finger lickin’ good and it is one of my all-time favorite foods. In fact, it may be my number one favorite food. I probably consume more peanut butter than anything else or anybody else.nnI’ve done a couple of cooking with carley segments but this is the first one you are really excited for.nnFirst one i have actually liked.nnHey!nnI liked the others but i love this one. It is peanut butter lovers day.nnYes. I wanted to share easy, that’s my thing. It has to have, like, ten ingredients or less. So initially was going to make these.nnWhat are those?nnHere’s the ingredients, five or les. Ritz crackers and the chocolate, baking chocolate you need to melt down and then i added something else people love. Of course, the peanut butter. All the recipes have peanut butter. Take the two ritz crackers, put



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