National Pancake Day!

Today is National Pancake Day! IHOP is offering free short stacks of their pancakes in return for a donation for St. Rose Dominican Hospitals. Dao & Shawn took to the “kitchen set on wheels” to prove that you should leave pancakes to the professionals.
>> shawn: its tuesday, takg a live look outside on the strip at the wynn where a pablo picasso painting has an elbow. worth millions of dollars. >> dao: things are starting to warm up outside. it’s getting into the 70s this weekend. if you haven’t been to the wynn, fabulous shows. every time i check the tickets, the show’s extended because it’s getting popular and people want to go. la reve is there. and garth brooks. >> shawn: absolutely. i realize i’m cover the logo. i feel terrible. >> dao: there you go. >> shawn: it’s broken. >> dao: forget it. >> shawn: is it based on a clapper? no. >> dao: very low tech. good morning, i’m dao vu. >> shawn: i’m shawn tempesta. >> dao: waffles, we’re in the kitchen talked about breakfast items. toaster strudels are lazy, though they taste delicious. today, a breakfast deg casey that has delighted people far and wide for centuries. some call them flap



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