National Cheesecake Month

Cheesecake Factory shows us their cheesecake
that you may not have heard about. when you dorks you’ll be — when you do, you’ll be celebrating too. it is national cheesecake day. the spraed is unbelievable, the aroma even better. >> cheesecake, everybody loves cheesecake. >> yes, absolutely. talk about some of the things. this is unusual ideas but very easy to do at home. >> absolutely. what we have are cheesecake treats. we take any cake you like and remove any doll lops and whip cream, slice it in half and put it in a freezer for an hour to two hour and put a pop sickle stick and dip them like a lolipop and dip them into the chocolate and roll them into a topping. it tastes great. eat it like a pop sickle. >> good breakfast. breakfast of champions. we have fondu? >> we take chocolate chips premium and mix them with heavy whipping cream about 6 table spoons and melt them down and take the original cheesecake and make cubes out of



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