Natalie Couglin – Game Day Food

Olympic Gold Medalist tells us about a great game day treat for the big game
>>> the super bowl stage is set. green bay packers and pittsburgh steelers. what will you serve at your party? last week i talked to olympic swimmer natalie koffman about an odd twist on game day favorite. take a look at this. >> a gold medalist swimmer and today a healthy dose of advice to stay on track. natalie koffman, good morning. >> good morning. >> you describe this sandwich good for game day. can you walk us through it. >> it is perfect for the weekend’s game day and what i have here is vietnamese style and took bread and got rid of the center and here i have california dried plums and i put it in the food processer and add to meatballs and fish sauce and water chestnuts, scallions and garlic and bake them up. over here i will put in my mayonnaise which is store bought mayonnaise and seratcha and i will put them with the delicious meatballs and they have a lot of sweetness and mo



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