Natalie Coughlin

She’s swam past the competition as a gold medalist and a world champion! Natalie Coughlin is diving into a new mission now…helping you stay healthy. Dao spoke to the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ alum.nnCaliforniaDriedPlums.org
>> dao: welcome back everyone. our next guest swam past the competition as a gold medalist and world championship. natalie coughlin is diving in to help you stay healthy, she joins us via satellite. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> as a professional athlete you’re focused on staying in shape and eating healthy. how can viewers get into that habit. >> whether i’m traing or i’m on a break, my diet doesn’t change much. it’s just the portion size that changes. so food is really important for me because i love to eat but i fuel my body properly. so i’ve developed a ton of recipes for the california dried plumb board, which we have on our website, www.californiadriedplums.org. i’ll show you how to make it with a california dried plumb puree. >> dao: let’s get started. >> first, you make your puree. you add the dried plums along with hot water in the food processor. give it a whirl and



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