Napa Harvest Salmon Salad

We’re cooking Napa Harvest Salmon Salad with Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.
s just>> go with a a tux, it’s prettyasy, pretty basic. b let’s head over to patrick in the kitchen right now.ig >> i’m ready. mike from flemings here ins providence and thiprs morning, mike has some salmon, some tomatoes, and some wine. we’re ready to go. good night everybody.igve >> what else do you need?d? >> wha t else have you got, mike? >> obviously earth daybv isly comingom up and we’ve gotndve a new menu going in. so we have a dish thatat uses a lot of local vegetables,et fish, we’re going to make a m summer salad, make it lookla beautiful. it’s easy to do. we have beautiful b biodynamicic wines that we’re going to par one with and m ake a nice dish for the summertime. >> butter, salt and pepper, that’s what it’s called, salt and pepper. grape tomatoes, yukonn potatoes as opposedpp to –o >> it’s a starchier people with intellectual pay toe. >> and the salmon?mo >> the salmon. al



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