Nantucket Bay Scallops And Cauliflower

Nantucket bay scallops and cauliflower duet with The Spiced Pear at The Chanler .
i’m always aal last-minute guy. let’s head ove r to the kitchen. patrick, what are pawe cooking. >> we are can ch cef thomas duffy from the spiced pear at the ea chandler on memorial boulevard.va beautiful spot down tithere andth you have a beautiful dish planned for usr today. this is nantucket bay scallops, right. >> n antucket bay scallops, come into season from november to march and they just started, they’re really nice. you can’t make a better bay scallop than unanimous tuck bay. >> why are they different? >> where at the grow. >> nothing to do with the size. right now you’ll see them right about, there they are, sneaking into the screen, soee what goes g into the dishh with the t cauliflower duet? r >> well, two differentif kinds of cauliflower, we have a base, like a sauce for this, which is a puree of cauliflower panchetta, shallots, scream and vegetable — cream and vegetable s



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