Name That Cookie!

Thin Mint, Daisy-Go-Rounds, and Peanut Butter Patties. How well do you know your Girl Scout Cookies? With the help of some of the local Girl Scouts… we found out.
Cookies? With the help of girl scouts, we found out.nnWe’re here in the war michael phelps mall have to have our first contestant inta the girl scout taste test. If you don’t rember him, it’s anthony. Show us some of your dance moves. Here comes cookie numberum one, anthony.nnThis is priceless.nnDes cribe the cookie to us, anthony. Describe the cookie to us.nnIt’s round and i think it’s peanut butter. Ut.nnSky the cookie.nnThin mint.nnWhat do you thinkhi craig’s favorite cookie is?nnThin mint.nnYou seem pretty confident.nnIs this a thin mint.nnBetween that and a carmel delight.nnHave you brought the cookies to the gym?nnYeah, it’s a good post-workout meal.nnThe cookie sales started t he beginning of january, runs through par and girls will be raising money for girl tripirs, camping, and other special events that the troops want to take part in.nnSo you likeyo to get in the zone where not



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