Naan “Philly” Filet Mignon Sandwich

We’re cooking Naan “Philly” Filet Mignon Sandwich at DeWolf Tavern with Executive Sous Chef Lawrence Brown.
our own patrick little is now, at dewolf tavern this morning. hi, patrick. >> all right. “the rhode show” is on the road, we’re at the dewolf tavern in bristol. chef cy is with me. i want to get a shot of this, chef lawrence brown and his side kick joe overseeing the operation. we’ll catch up with chef lawrence brown. he’s one of the stars of the show. we’ll talk to him la’lter in the show. you’re makingyo m these — you tell me what we’re making. >> >> fillet sandwich, it’s a popular dish. flat bread, we make the dough in the house and we shave nice steak meat andd ingredients, yogurt, eggs, bacon, a.p. flour and the sandwich, swiss cheese, carmelizeed onion, and shaved steak meat and we sautee it andan put it altogether and it’s a popular dish. >> it’s a fancy versiiton of a steak and cheese? >> exactly. it’s like the philly steak sandwich, but it’s thewi dewolf version. >> the dewolf



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