MyTV9 Star’s Spotlight On Middletown

Middletown, Connecticut….nnThe home of the prestigious Wesleyan University as well as the romantic and stately Wadsworth Mansion.nnDid you know that race car driver Joey Logano was born here?nnDid you know Billy Joel shots scenes for his 1993 music video “The River of Dreams” in Middletown and it’s neighboring town of Portland?nnDid you know over 48,000 people currently live in Middletown?nnFrom it’s friendly Main Street to it’s charming riverside eateries and hot spots, Middletown is a hidden gem smack dab in the center of Connecticut.nnCome for a day or stay for a lifetime, Middletown will offer you and your family a picturesque, relaxing atmosphere.nnWhile in Middletown, be sure to stop at the Middletown Jewelry Exchange. Whether you’re looking to sell old treasures or are in the market for a “new” vintage piece for your collection, Middletown Jewelry Exchange is the place to go. Store owner Tomasso Rosiello prides his shop on being clean, friendly and affordable. He emphasizes his wholesale prices, but is far from calling his store a pawn shop. Dressing in a suit everyday, Rosiello’s expertise in this industry will ensure a return trip!nnDid all of your shopping make you work up an appetite? Catch a taste of Mexico right in downtown Middletown by stopping at Puerto Vallarta. A great place to spice up your plate, Puerto Vallarta offer fresh food made to order…and don’t forget to order a margarita! Upon entering this festive establishment, not only will you be greeted with a smile, but you’ll find the front wall plastered with polaroids of friends, families and birthday boys and girls sporting sombreros. I ordered the arroz con pollo (chicken and rice)…and I can’t wait to go back for another taste!



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