My Liquid Garden

My Liquid Garden
>> welcome back to good things utah, in the kitchen with alecia and edward, this refrom my liquid garden t is located in park city. i saw them as i walked in and am so happy you are here. we’re getting healthy today. >> not only getting healthy but it tastes good. >> that’s a big part of it. we want to make really good tasting food, sometimes that’s hard. >> how do you make it taste so delicious. >> we’re all about simple. we’re all about very simple vegetables. and so a lot of the stuff we created is just i went to culinary school and i have moved towards more healthy movement. so it is just playing with different flavors, different vegetables. >> research and development. >> we’re in the kitchen a lot. >> that is what you can find in my liquid garden, everything from juices to soups and also different recipes. >> exactly. >> you have two for us today. >> we have a beuda bowl that is on



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