My City Kitchen

Spice shrimp and a tropical fruit salad with My City Kitchen
everyone…we’re stirring things up in our kitchen en today! for our next guest, cooking is not just a favorite pastime…it’s a passion that she shares not just with her family but with everyone….includin..g kids! she is on a mission to get our et kids making healthier food choices…ceplease welcome back the founder of “my city ” it kitchen” kashia cave and her son xx—welcome back guys…. —kashia how long has “my city kitchen” been up and running?annn—tell us about the concept of your organization? –xx…how long have you been cooking?beoo–what are you teaching us to make?–walk us through the ingredients… information about volunteering or you’d like to make a donation to “my city kitchen” just go to our website at wtnh.com and click on ct style where you’ll also find kashia’s recipe



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