Mushroom Raviolli Alla Vodka And Prime Rib

Popular dishes from the Inn at Villa Bianca
dishes that are very po pular at the inn at villa bianca. >> the most requested dishes. >> the most requested dishes and we have the honoher ofo youu making them for us today. >> i’m pr’oud. >> i’ll taste theh ravioli.a tell us about the raviol i again because you made it. >> it is portabepllo mushrooms, aa little cream, chese, and it’s okay to, the alcohol evaporates so it is no problem, anybody can eat. >> i can see why thathyt is one of the most requested dishes. that is delicious. and we’re making prime rib. >> i can show you how to make the most delicious prime rib. this piecthe can serve about 10, 12 people. >> how much does weigmuh? this is a serious cut of prime rib. >> this is 17, 18-pounds. i sew you the way we w prepare at the inn at villa bianca. >> show us what do you there. >> we wipe it offt. >> why do you do that? >> all the work and stuf, they come in plastic bags so we



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