Mushroom Crostini

oshkosh service league
broadway. back in the kitchen with a lady who loves to entertain. nancy from oshkosh, she is a member of the oshkosh service league. you love is to party, don’t you? >> we do. >> you have great get togethers. they put together a cookbook and it’s selling like hot cakes. chucked full of really wonderful recipes. called tried and true. a lot of recipes for entertaining, all that good stuff. >> good trends, too. a lot of former members sent in recipes. this recipe is from a former member that now lives i think kansas city and i called her up to make sure i did it all right. she’s very fussy about how i make it. >> there you go. you can go to our website, it cost $20. otherwise are you selling it at your store? >> we sell it at the store. buy it online from living with amy, i can you have it. we will make them out. they’re at a cut above, they’re at — where else are they? >> choice bank. >>



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