Mud Pie

recipe from Caroline Imig.
restaurant, an amazing pie maker. she’s going to show us how to make another one of her award winning pies. thanks for sharing this recipe. >> you’re welcome. >> where is this pie contest? >> in florida, kissimmee. lots of people, lots of pies, like 600 pies. >> wow! where do you bake them? >> i usually rent a condo and then with baking facility. >> that’s got the oven and the whole thing? wow, you don’t get to relax much when you’re down there. >> not a lot, but we have fun. >> how fun. every year, do you feel like i’ve got to come up with a new one. >> oh, yeah. >> very cool. >> have to think all year. >> she’s serious, no messing around. this year’s big winner was the grass hopper pie. we’ll have to get you to make that one a different time. >> i’d love to. >> this mississippi mud pie was also a winner. lets start with the crust. your crust, all of your crusts are homemade, but you di



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