Mtn Views & Southwest Influences Make Carefree Station Great

With beautiful mountain views, southwest cuisine and separate wine, beer and spirits menus, Carefree Station gives the Northeast Valley something special.
the heavy lifting. >> my pleasure. >> let’s get started with a little bit of dining out, so i haven’t eaten in appear couple of days. beautiful mountain views, southwest cuisine, and a separate wine and beer spirits menu. our next stop takes us to the northeast valley where david mill gives us a tour of carefree station. >> carefree station is unique, eclectic, and wfer we can find big — wherever we can find big bold flavors, we will search and find it. we have thai food, jun food, and my greatest fear has been somebody walks into our restaurant and thought this menu looks like everybody else’s. so we have put together some interesting things. we have sourced alpaca from hawaii, and thomas came up with this beautiful asparagus chopsticks we wrap in a delicate pastry. we have a rooftop bar, and it’s shaded and misted. we have put together a list of liquor, beer, and wine books that are r



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