Mr. Goodcents Is A Sandwich Tradition In The Valley

Try their famous foot long penny
known for hits subs and pastas, and — its subs and pastas, and the owner of mr. goodscents is showing us how to make their foot long penny subs. i just am lost in the — >> it is a foot long? >> what are the base sick ingredients? >> it comes with ham, roast beef and turkey. >> okay. and a lot of it. >> and a lot, yes. four ounces total. >> so come hungry, and when we stack these things, lots of times when we’re hope or tieing to make the subs, they don’t seem to stay together like yours do. what’s the trick? >> the trick to a good sub is fresh bread. and we bake our bread twice daily, and we have to proof it, bake it, wrap it, and keep all the goodness in, and we slice it and serve it fresh. >> this is my job interview. perhaps you can teach me how to get the goodness in there. so the first thing i like to put on is the ham. >> the ham. okay. >> are we doing it this way? >> yech. >> is



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