Morton’s Crab Cakes

Morton’s crab cakes
meals for happy customers. in fact, frank sinatra was one ever the restaurant’s first regulars. >> there we go. >> now claus is bringing his expertise to the home kitsch went a cookbook. >> a lot of people ask for recipes from morton’s, from from my house. >> we met up with him to make a delicious summer treat. a crab cake sandwich. first create the crab cake by combining jumbo crab meat with just enough bread crumbs to hold it together. >> put it in about 375, 40. >> start preparing the bacon. >> you just warm it on the grill, make it more crispier. >> now it’s time to prepare your sandwich. >> take a slice of nice, thick bread, whole water or corn or whatever bread. wonderful dressing. >> check on your crab cakes. this she cok in seven or eight minutes. >> let’s see if it’s ready. oh, gorgeous. look at this. nice and brown. gorgeous crab cakes. put it on here. put lettuce and thin slic



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