Morel’s Steak House & Bistro Celebrates Bourbon Month

The steak house has a bourbon brunch every Saturday and Sunday
>>> just like fashion or home decore, alcohol and spirits goes through trens as well. wine bars topped martinis had their day, now the it drink of choice is bushon. taking it a step further. thank you so much for joining us. everything smells so great. >>> we’re going the be making cocktail, making food, going fast. >> it is national bushon heritage month. tell me. >>> bushon is america’s drink. it is america’s spirit. heritage month started about ten years ago a former baseball player from philadelphia when he was a congressman he decided he was going to give bourbon its true heritage. >>> we release the valve on what we have is a combination of bourbon and benedictine, we make our own b & b. >> let’s pan out to see what is happening in here seven fewing it with orange rind, really making an infused manhattan of sorts. >> can we get a close up of this? that isl really cool. how are



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