Morel Mushrooms

Laurie Crowell from the Golden Fig cooks up some tasty recipes using Morel mushrooms.
salon in mineapolis. >>> do you know what these are? >> yes. they’re mushrooms. because i did show prep today. >> now you know to read your part. >> it’s morrell season. if you don’t know what a morrell is, join the club. >> it might be the most elusive mushroom in the state. >> today we have a recipe using the flavorful mushrooms that will take you 20 minutes start to finish. laurie craw we crow wel crowell from the golden ffig is here. >> can i be part of the family? >> yes. i’ll let my husband know. we are making risotto. risotto tastes really creamy and buttery, but there’s really only a tablespoon or two of buter in there. everything else is really good for you. to this point, we’ve put some butter in the pan and sauteed some of the wild ramps, which are kind of like an oniony garlic. >> let’s pick up the ramps so you can see these. these are the guys that local food people go bonke



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