More Wine Kiosks Coming

wine kiosks
stores in central p-a. cbs-21’s jenni joyce is live with the lancaster county mobile newsroom in east hempfield township and jenni — where do we expect to see the newest wine kiosk pop up in lancaster county? [a26]new wine kiosk 5x-trans live-musser’s market in mountville is expected to get a wine kiosk as early as next week. the kiosk will look similar to this one, currently operating in a wegman’s in silver spring township, cumberland county. the machines have a breathlyzers. each customer has to breathe into the machine before the sale goes through. an l-c-b employee is on the other end monitoring the test results and checking the customer’s license before approving the transaction. the president of musser’s market says he thinks the kiosks will improve foot-traffic. “we think it will bring some business in.it’s one-stop shopping.supermarkets aren’t known for being able to sell this



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