Montgomery Grill’s Pork Tenderloin

Montgomery Grill’s Pork Tenderloin
morning as you keep in touch with us. and we are in the kitchen with executive chef michael shannon from montgomery grill in portsmouth. today we’re making grilled pork loin with a teriyaki glaze. you have to explain the santa hat, please. >> we are celebrating christmas in september. >> oh, go on, ok. >> the object is to get large companies and everybody involved to come and book a party at montgomery grill. >> oh. because i know you’ve got a big business in holiday parties and group gatherings over at the restaurant. well, talk more about that and how folks can get involved in that. first, this really smells very good. what kind of ingredients do you have for teriyaki pork loin glaze? >> bourbon, teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, rosemary, garlic, lemon juice. >> and that’s it? wait, what is in there? >> just water, corn starch, and a little olive oil. >> and then, of course, the — >> pork



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