Montero’s CRAB CAKES

Montero’s CRAB CAKES
with vegetable vermicelli and grits and greens as wel as a roasted corn and tomato relish. now for a lok at what to expect with the weather today. meteorologist jon cash. cheese. i would not suggest american cheese. >> we are down to our last few seconds. what is the secret to the dressing? >> it is vinegar and oil. vinegar eds the sour to come back the swede — vinegar adds the sour to comebat t hhe sweet. >> we’re just getting started. john has wandered in for the forecast. >> we are hoping for a good forecast. john cash is here. i know what you are going to say. >> why don’t you guys give the forecast? read the numbers. >> partly cloudy sky. hampton, 79. that is the number of the day. it sounds like a poetry slam. >> all in the 90’suring the seven day. >> do not do the rainy part. i put it on the edge and tried not to make it too big so people would not think what you just said. 30% c



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