Monte Cristo Mega Melt

We’re cooking a Monte Cristo Mega Melt with Newport Creamery.
so much, courtney. let’s head over to the kitchen. vince, what areha you got going on? >>>> oh f you likef monte cristo e s, have we got somethahing for you. we’ve got jack bender hereja from newport creamery in cranston, is that correct? >> yes, sir. y >> how are you, nice to meeto you today, my friend and we’re going ng to talk a little ta bit about the contest, we have ant contestvest going, but we’ re going to talk k about that inou aat littletl bit. first of all, we’re going to make youou one of your specialties at newport creamery, it’s not just ice cream, it’s a full blown creamery. let’s talk about the meal that t we’re going to makeg today. >> we’re going to g make the threeak grilled cheese, which is three of our chees on our texas toast today, which is an excellent dish,ex you know, thee kids home on vacation this wee tk should be enjoyingldng that, t because they can bring mo



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