Monk’s Bar And Grill

Great hamburgers at Monk’s Bar & Grill
>> today we’re celebrating the burger. and in just a minute we’re going to head outside and grill up some amazing burger recipes that you’re definitely going to want to try, and something called a big ben burger. right now we’re heading out to burgers. let me tell you, we found some burgers that are worth the drive. or if you’re headed to the dells any time you must stop in, they do it the old fashioned way. family run business, they have been doing it for years and years. let me tell you, really good stuff. they actually have one place right downtown the dells and they just moved into a new location at the wilderness resort. not reason not to be able to find them when you head into the dells. this is called mark’s bar and grill and let me tell you, they make one mean burger. take a look. >> it’s been around for years, started in 1947. i took over in ’82. i have been trying to carry on t



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