Money & Sports – Manny Ramirez Banned, Dolphins Stadium Name Change, Golf’s Skins Game

Ramirez Banned with Fifty Game Ban Amid Dodgers Marketing Campaign, for Violating Drug Rules; Jimmy Buffett Puts Land Shark Beer Name on Dolphins’ Stadium; Golf’s Skins Game Won’t Be Playedd in November Due to Economy (Bloomberg News)
for almost one-third of the season for violating drug rules. this comes after the los angeles dodgers began promoting him. for more on this and what it could cost the dodgers franchise, wheat havwe will go to our reporter. does this put him in the waistband? >> they have distanced themselves from the promotion. — does this put him in the trash? >> you had people say that they were supporting him. they are still selling the seas for $99. that t-shirt, you can just hit a dodgers t-shirt. there are fans that are calling up and they say that the only bought those seats because they wanted to be near manny and they wilwill not go because he is not there. they are offering refunds. > what does this mean for the dodgers now and their ability to win baseball games? >> well, it means two things. one, it means it will make it more difficult to win games. they lost last night and they had won 13 s



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