Monday Mom: Easy Fried Chicken

an easy take on fried chicken
on the table for your kids.. can sometimes be tough. so, today, we have an idea for you.. it’s a healthy and easy take on fried chicken. we headed over to dream dinners in mobile.. and, owner stacey mobley, walked us through this tasty recipe. first, she showed us a trick.. you can prepare your m in advance. stacey uses freezer ziploc bags to put all the ingredients together.. then she stores them in the freezer of fridge until she’s ready to cook. o-k.. for this recipe.. we started with six-chicken breasts.. and, then we added the ingredients for our marinade.. onion flakes, oregano, thyme, chili powder, dry mustard, paprika, evaporated milk and garlic. then, we put together the ‘fried’ part.. add some parmesian cheese and parley. then, all you have to do is roll the chicken in the cornflake crust.. and bake! pretty easy, right? for more on this recipe.. you can go to our website.. fox



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